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My Name is Manuela Langella and I am a WebDesigner. And yes, I love Chocolate.


I'm a WebDesigner from Sicily, a beauty island of Italy.

After some years working into Informatic Teaching, in 2003 I discovered beauty of Html and Photoshop.

Since then I learned more and more about many things, and Graphic and WebDesign are now my Passion. I love designing and realizing beauty graphics and layout and love going always into new features.

My University degree in Languages (German and English) - I know, something far away from WebDesign - let me discovering new beautiful places and people.

That's the reason I decided to merge my two skills - webdesign and languages - into a new project: WebDesign Translate, a kind of Translating world for all Italians who cannot read WebDesign arguments in other languages :)

"Manuela is a professional graphic designer and I was astonished about her profound work. She works very fast and on a high standard".

Christian Klinger, Director of Film

"Manuela, è una grafica brillante. Il lavoro svolto per noi è sempre stato ottimo a livello qualitativo. E' molto precisa sia nel rispettare i tempi di consegna, che nello svolgimento dei lavori. Manuela mette passione in quello che fa".


"In assoluto una collaboratrice attenta alle esigenze dell' azienda , qualificata e professionale , in continuo aggiornamento professionale. Infine disponibile e cortese nel rapportarsi con lo staff".


"La freelance ideale per ogni web agency. Professionale,paziente, qualificata ed attenta alle scadenze. Assolutamente da consigliare".

Enzo M.- Dekoo Agency

"Manuela did an extraordinary job working on my webpage. I will most certaintly work with her again and again and again!".

Anthony Barnes, Bakersfield, Ca. USA



I always begin understanding which are client preferences, what exactly he wants and likes. Then I begin going on for inspiration, and when I collect some good ideas I put them on a blank paper. I don't stop working on a design, until I'm very satisfied of it. Then I code all into Html5/Css3, with some wonderful jquery :) - Php and Wordpress? I'm working on it, man (don't look at me that way!)



If you like my work, feel free to contact me through my contact form below, or just write me at my email. I'm a Freelancer, and I'm always available :)

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